Debt Recovery

Our Debt Recovery services undertaken in an effective, decisive and realistic manner – this can be the difference between a successful recovery or a lengthy, protracted and largely unsuccessful exercise.

Our debt recovery clients range from large financial businesses to individual professions and focus on both commercial and consumer debt.

We are specialists in the recovery of both disputed and undisputed debt including the following;

  • Disputed debt
  • Ledger debt
  • Written-off debt
  • Shipping industry account disputes
  • Construction industry account disputes (including Adjudication & Arbitration)
  • High-value insurance disputes
  • Breach of Contract disputes
  • Grade A secure cash settlements and pick-ups

Disputed Debts

We operate using a mix of mediation, negotiation and escalation techniques whereby the emphasis is not only on collecting the debt but also attempting to salvage the business relationship wherever possible.

An essential part of our process is to ensure that we manage the client’s expectations.  We have access to a wide range of data including up-to-date financials and this is used to assess each debtors’ current position and their ability to pay.  This avoids running up unnecessary costs to the client where there is very little chance of a successful recovery.

The client is informed and advised throughout the process and remains in complete control of all key decisions, if desired.

Depending on both the nature and age of the debt, we operate on either a fixed rate or ‘percentage of recovery’ fee basis.

Overdue Accounts & Aged Debt

We have developed a 3-Step Debt Recovery Plan that provides a Fast, Effective and Cost-Efficient results on non-disputed debts.  Results are returned within 1-28 days from instruction.  We can work either on-site or remotely and most successful recoveries are cost neutral – all costs are added to the debtors account.

Click here to download our 3-Step Debt Recovery Plan.

Written-Off Debt

Many businesses end up writing off thousands of pounds of owed debt for a host of various reasons.  These reasons may include that the business no longer knows the whereabouts of the debtor, may not fully understand the recovery process and believe it to be expensive, time consuming and too complicated, may feel that the debt is uncollectable or are simply too busy to keep chasing these debts up.

In many circumstances we can advise you on how it may be possible to recovery monies back in relation to these accounts.

Shipping Industry Account Disputes

We are specialists in understanding and successfully dealing with shipping industry disputes be it simple ledger account issues or highly complex contract claims.  If there is the need to get legal counsel on any specific matter, we work alongside a wide range of commercial dispute specialist solicitors that we can recommend to provide at very reasonable prices.

Construction Industry Account Disputes

Depending on the specific Terms & Conditions you are working to, construction industry disputes can be both complex and time consuming. Many large contractors insist that you work to their specific T&C’s which usually involves a form of arbitration and/or adjudication to resolve. This process can appear to be very complex and time consuming and therefore putting many sub-contractors off pursuing what they are owed.

High Value Insurance Disputes

We can provide completely impartial advice and mediatory services to both the Claimant and/or Respondent in disputes that are complex in nature and of high-value.  We are able to undertake a ‘cradle to grave’ service or simply get involved in an on-going dispute that has seemingly reached an impasse.

Breach of Contract disputes

We offer independent and impartial services adopting a mix of mediatory and process driven formal solutions to resolve breach of contract disputes working alongside and/or independently with your current legal advisor.  If there is the requirement to have specialised guidance on any key aspects of the case, we work alongside a wide range of commercial dispute specialist solicitors that we can recommend to support the case file.

Grade ‘A’ secure cash settlements and pick-ups

We work alongside a range of private security firms that offer safe, secure and fully managed cash collection/drop offs.  We also offer a wide range of services for secure and fully managed high-value asset collection/drop-offs throughout the UK.

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